Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Maurepas, Louisiana.

Claymar was founded in 2006 as a family company with 5 employees, one of whom was Kel Marchand, the current CEO. The base of their operation was a small steel fabrication shop under an oak tree in the family’s backyard. It has since grown to an award-winning industrial contractor rendering services in several states throughout the U.S. 

Claymar is now a full-service general contractor in the industrial construction, fabrication, maintenance, and turnaround industries.

Claymar continues to stick to its roots by maintaining a home base in Maurepas, but has also upgraded from the small fabrication shop built out of PVC pipe to modern fabrication facilities. Claymar has built a reputation in the industry and has developed partnerships with many longstanding clients. Its business has grown to include not only fabrication and maintenance, but also construction and turnarounds.

Claymar prides itself on the Claymar Standard, which includes a primary focus on industry-leading safety and quality.

“Being a leader doesn’t require a title and having a title doesn’t make you a leader.”
Kel Marchand President & Chief Executive Officer
“Commitments to Quality, Commitments to Safety, Commitments to Job Execution, Commitments to its Clients, Commitments to its employees – In a world where Corporate Commitments and Accountability are hard to come by – Claymar Construction Company makes those Commitments and lives up to them – Every Day – Every Time – Always.”
David Danel Chief Financial Officer
“The CLAYMAR Standard is about excellence in all aspects of what we do, especially regarding safety, quality, productivity, and professionalism. It takes the right team that understands and lives by that standard every day. We have that team here at CLAYMAR to support our clients’ needs.”
Jayme Ellender Chief Operating Officer
“Put the right people on the job and the job will be done right, every time. And Claymar has the right people.”
Glen Galbraith Chief Legal Counsel