Claymar has a core group of experienced Civil workers that have been with us for years and execute each project with precision.


Underground Utilities

Spread Footings

Sumps & Tank Foundations

Cast-in-Place Walls

Exchanger Skid Pump Foundations

Containment Structures

Sheet Piling

Concrete Demolition

Multilevel Structures

Area Paving


We Believe in Safety

A site specific or job specific safety plan is required for all jobs. To “Zero In On Safety” means to continually keep safety at the forefront of our minds. Claymar enjoys encouraging smart and safe work practices through our incentivized rewards program.

We Stand for Quality

Claymar Construction’s vision for quality is simple: “Get it right the first time.”  This approach is achieved by our uncompromising commitment to meeting and exceeding quality requirements, design integrity, and specs in all shop and field applications.